WordPress Customization

WordPress is the first choice of bloggers everywhere, but it can also be used to create amazing websites including a photography artist’s portfolio site to an official government website through WordPress Customizations.

The right WordPress site has sliders, modules, bars and media – fitted perfectly together. While there are themes, templates and add-ons available for everyone to use, it is not until you see what a team of experts like Web Media Star can do with these resources that you can actually realize the power of WordPress. From using the right media to strategically create web pages within the site to using the right visally appealing template – WordPress development requires creativity as well as technological aptitude. WordPress Customization and WordPress Template Customization helps you design a WordPress site that’s friendly and appealing.

WordPress offers a lot of customization choices, which is one of the reasons that make it so popular. Making the right choice, from small decision like which colour palette should the header of the page have to even deciding the whole theme of the website, is essential. Every decision must be geared towards the targeted audience/customers. Our web design experts, through the customization services know exactly what will grab the maximum eyeballs. With a combination of knowledge of user tastes and past experience, we build you a website that not only you, but your users will also love.


  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • Dynamic page generation
  • Each user on your weblog can define a profile
  • Bookmarklets, blog by email
  • Inter-blog communication
  • Template driven design
  • Dynamic page generation
  • Multi paged posts
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