vBulletin Customization

From choice of layouts to hosting providers, vBulletin leaves open a large scope of customization. Capitalize on this scope by hiring the best experts in programming and designing – the Web Media Star team. vBulleting Customization was never so easy.

Customizing vBulletin is your choice if you want to create an internet forum that stands out from the others. Our developers make sure every detail is chosen with care. Every single plug-in is evaluated, referenced in relation to past experience and customized to the required extent. Not only the ones on vBulletin, our experts bring to the table the best of third-party components as well – getting for you the best from around the Web. vBulletin Templates and vBulleting Template Customization helps you have a vBulletin site that stands out.

Our team of experts keeps you in the loop. While getting the best from vBulletin, they also make sure that all decisions are aimed towards what you envision your website to be. Our programming knowledge combined with creativity makes for a unique combination that leads to an end-product that is not only appreciated by you, but by your end-users as well. We build you a vBulletin Customized website that is not only the best combination of all vBulletin features, but one that looks and feels like the website you dreamt of.


  • Whole Suite Customization.
  • User/Member Management.
  • Add social links easily.
  • Fixed and fluid.
  • Control Panels for Every Role.
  • CSS3 font-family typeface.
  • Cross browser support.
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