PhpBB Customization Services

PhpBB Customization is Unique
We can unlock the unique features hidden within Phpbb to give you the customization needed to stand out in the crowd. This may be a commonly used platform, but that does not mean your website has to be common.

Phpbb has a mod system that can be modified in many different ways. With imagination and a knowledge of programming there is no limit to what you can create. After our team evaluates your vision and what you are going to need from your site, we will use phpBB features in way that will reflect your needs.

PhpBB template customization styles are literally limitless. With 163 styles that can be customized by color, design , and the tiniest of details it takes knowledge of the market to know how to get the most out of your phpBB templates. There are many small details that bring up questions with phpBB template customization that our team can answer for you.


  • Simple moderator and administrator interfaces.
  • Users are modest to setup and maintain.
  • Uses PHP at its core, hence is able to deliver hasty results.
  • Support for unlimited levels of subforums.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Options to create custom profile fields

Web Media Star brings your phpBB customization to life with efficiency.

Contact us to see how we can improve your forum, or turn phpBB into a powerful tool for your business.
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