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We give organizations the power to reach their milestones with our top ranking strategies that allow businesses to dominate online.

Our Enterprise SEO will get you on the front page

Web Media Star offers visible and effective SEO presence that will lead to an increase of sales and profits. Our results can be seen with our SEO strategy based milestones. Our SEO strategies will increase your organic traffic and give your company a leading edge with competitive keywords that will launch you to the front page.

We Know

  • How to generate, highly relevant, Target customers for your Businesses
  • How to save your time and money using our experience for your project
  • How to analyze, optimize, engage and attract your site for search Engines

Advanced Site Audit

We will give you a detailed report of your SEO performance, along with your traffic data and top referring keyword. You will have a complete break down of all your SEO activity.

Research Strategies

You will have access to our professional SEO consultants that will help you to achieve the most effective digital marketing strategy that your company can get. You will see a measurable increase of your search engine visibility and coverting traffic based on your organic search results.
Our Seo Team can get your business at the top of Search Engines

In order to dominate the online market SEO is key, especially at the enterprise level. Enterprise SEO combines content with infrastructural design with the use of Social Media and Video Optimization.

The Enterprise SEO gives organizations a fighting chance to keep them from being overtaken by Silicon Valley organization types. Extreme SEO helps you to advance by putting your resources in effective across link-builds and content by making use of the best e-marketing strategies.

We can help you get seen by giving you a target audience
We know how hard it is to reach Enterprise goals because it seems that one problem causes another. In order to get your organization to the top of the Google SERP we use to Google search compliance guidelines to establish a strong SEO framework.

Three Reachable Service Levels to Choose From

Our unique blend of Technology and Marketing makes us the most formidable opponents for your competitors. Choose from three highly scalable levels of SEO packages befitting your organization.


Optimize ME

Suitable for Small Business Websites
Advanced Site Audit
  • Site Usability Analysis
  • Market trend Research
  • Product Demand Analysis
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlink Profile history Analysis
  • Google Quality Compliance Audit
  • Social Metrics Benchmark
Strategic Optimization Plan
  • Site Architecture Optimization Plan
  • Content Quality Structure Plan
  • Advanced On page Optimization Plan
  • Off page Optimization strategy
  • Social media Marketing plan
  • Content development process
  • Google Quality Compliance Audit
  • Keyword Proximity Balancing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing Plan
Onpage Optimization
  • Title Tag Optimization for Pages
  • Compelling Meta Descriptions
  • Perfectly optimized Meta keywords
  • Dublincore meta data management
  • Custom build advanced metatags
  • Domain, IP, URL Canonicalization
  • 301 Redirect via .htaccess
  • 404 Page optimization strategy
  • Keyword Density Management
  • Inbound Link Structure Optimization
  • Outbound link Policy Management
  • Image Title,ALT and Caption
  • Proper Anchor text management
  • Html,XML,ROR Sitemap Installation
  • Google analytics conversion Goals
Architecture Optimization
  • SEF URL Rewriting and Optimization
  • Proper content Title management
  • Creative Copy writing for Homepage
  • Visual,Rich Content Optimization
  • Perfect Call-To-Action Strategies
  • Site Navigation hierarchy Management
  • SEF Pagination structure management
  • W3C XHTML/CSS markup Validation
  • Fix Broken links , Crawling issues
  • Mobile Responsive management
  • Site Loading speed optimization
  • Robots.txt file re-engineering
  • Print Friendly,RSS Page Structure
  • CSS,JS minification , code cleanup
  • Server side optimization via .htaccess
Authorship & Validation
  • Google schema markup validation
  • Microformats Semantic markup
  • NAP markup & KML file installation
  • Google Authorship markup installation
  • Opengraph,Twitter hCard markup
  • Google Webmaster tool Validation
  • Bing,Yaindex Webmaster Validation
  • Google Analytics,Piwik Installation
  • Sitemap,Robots.txt crawl validation
  • Text contents quality analysis
  • Page index ratio management
Offpage Optimization
  • Text Links from content sharing sites
  • Link Acquisition via Content Publishing
  • Authority Backlinks from news sites
  • Quality links from Trusted Social sites
  • Links from Documents sharing sites
  • One way links from Review directories
  • Brand mention links from infographics
  • Commercial keyword contextual links
  • Authority links from HARO Strategies
  • RSS and Niche Relationship Links
  • High DA Links from Authorship Profiles
  • Awareness Link Acquisition via Web2.0
  • Popular Business directory listing
All above mentioned task activities will be done by Certified in-house staff members



Titanium PRO

Designed for Corporate Business Sites
Brand Insights Analysis
  • Domain Accessibility Audit
  • Content Quality Overview
  • Online Brand Mention Analysis
  • Competitive Research Report
  • Inbound Performance Analysis
  • Google Quality Compliance Check
  • Social Media Visibility Analysis
  • Brand Reputation Benchmark
Integrated eMarketing Plan
  • Brand Reputation Management Plan
  • Strategic Content Marketing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing Plan
  • Advanced on Page SEO Strategy
  • Local SEO Promotion Plan
  • Authority Link Acquisition Plan
  • Search Engine Compliance Audit
  • Conversion Rate optimization Plan
  • Social Media Branding Strategy
Onpage Optimization
  • Unique Meta Title Tag Writing
  • CTA based Meta Descriptions
  • SEF Unique Meta keywords
  • Page Geo locale management
  • Custom build advanced metatags
  • Domain, IP, URL Canonicalization
  • 301 Redirect via .htaccess
  • 404 Page optimization strategy
  • Keyword Proximity Management
  • Website Link Structure Optimization
  • Outbound link Policy Management
  • Visual, Video Elements Optimization
  • Proper Anchor text management
  • Html,XML Sitemap Installation
  • Google,Piwik analytics Integration
Architecture Management
  • SEF URL Optimization for Pages
  • Keyword Rich Titles Management
  • Persuasive Copy writing for Home
  • Rich media Widget Integration
  • Corporate White Paper Creation
  • Page and Hierarchy management
  • Blog Setup and Content Integration
  • W3C XHTML/CSS markup Validation
  • Fix Broken links , Crawling issues
  • Mobile Redirect Page management
  • Page Loading speed optimization
  • Custom Robots.txt File installation
  • Contact Page structure Optimization
  • NAP Structure optimization for pages
  • Server side optimization via .htaccess
Business Local Listing
  • Google , Bing Local search Listing
  • Foursquare, Manta, Yelp Listing
  • Facebook,LinkedIn,Google+ Pages
  • Local Citation Directory Listing
  • Local listing Page Re-Optimization
  • Business Review site validation
  • Local search Review Optimization
  • Local Brand Mention optimization
  • Social media NAP Optimization
  • Local Search Results Analysis
  • NAP markup & KML file installation
Offpage Optimization
  • Text links from Business Directories
  • Authoritive backlinks from Review Sites
  • Premium PR Reference Link Source
  • Featured Contextual Links from Blogs
  • Reference based Local Directory Links
  • Awareness Content Reference Links
  • Brand mention links from infographics
  • Link Acquisition via Inbound Marketing
  • Contextual Links via Content Marketing
  • Relationship Level Social Media Links
  • Authorship Level Profile Backlinks
  • Link Acquisition from Edu,Gov Blogs
  • Contextual Links from Blog Mentions
  • 2015 Google Quality Guidelines Audit
All above mentioned task activities will be done by Certified in-house staff members



eCommerce Torque

Carefully Crafted for eCommerce Sites
eCommerce KPI Benchmark
  • Brand Reputation Benchmark
  • Product Market Trend Analysis
  • Traffic,Conversion Rate Audit
  • Keywords, Competitors Research
  • Site Architecture, Usability Audit
  • Technical Structure Benchmark
  • Search Engine Compliance Audit
  • Social Media Popularity Analysis
eCommerce Execution Plan
  • Site Architecture Optimization Plan
  • Shopping Cart Conversion Goals
  • Social Media Optimization Plan
  • Landing Page , Visual Strategies
  • Re-targeting and Traffic Generation
  • Advanced Onpage Optimization Plan
  • Local SEO and Link Acquisition Plan
  • Conversion Rate optimization Plan
  • Authorship,Schema and Technical
Onpage Optimization
  • SEF Title,Description, Keywords
  • SEF URL Rewrite for Product Pages
  • SEF Product Titles,Description,tags
  • Product Pages,Catalog optimization
  • URL,Domain,IP Canonicalization
  • Video,Visual Content Integration
  • keyword consistency Management
  • Google Rich Schema Integration
  • Rich Snippet Review Optimization
  • FAQ,Product Details Copy writing
  • Broken Links, 404 Page optimization
  • 301 URL Redirection for Domain
  • Inbound Link Structure Management
  • 6 x Advanced Sitemap Installation
  • GA,Kissmetrics,Optimizely Integration
Architecture Management
  • Header Menu Structure Management
  • Long Tail Keyword Rich Call-To-Action
  • Video , Visual Rich media Integration
  • SEF Product , Category Pagination
  • Geo , NAP and Hreflang Structure
  • Creative writing for Pages , products
  • Semantic site Architecture compliance
  • FAQ, Knowledge base Management
  • Blog Setup and Optimization for Users
  • OG, hCard, G+, Pinterest Authorship
  • Layout user Experience Management
  • Strategy for Responsive user Interface
  • Browser Compatibility Re-architecture
  • Custom 404 Conversion Friendly Page
  • Print Friendly Catalog page Structure
Performance and Social
  • W3C XHTML , CSS Validation
  • Google Schema markup Validation
  • Fix 301, 302 Internal broken links
  • Advanced Robots.txt Re-engineering
  • Page Loading Speed Optimization
  • Server Side performance Tweaks
  • Code cleanup and Optimization
  • Social media Profile Integration
  • QR Code and Foursquare Widgets
  • Local Listing , Citation Optimization
  • Online Brand Reputation development
Backlink Acquisition Strategy
  • Contextual Link Acquisition via Reviews
  • User Generated Contents Reference
  • Link Acquisition from Edu,Gov Blogs
  • Featured Contextual Links from Blogs
  • Reference based Local Directory Links
  • Awareness Content Reference Links
  • Contextual Links from Blog Mentions
  • Relationship Level Social Media Links
  • Contextual Links via Content Marketing
  • Brand mention links from infographics
  • Premium PR Reference Link Source
  • Authorship Level Profile Backlinks
  • Link Acquisition via Inbound Marketing
  • 2015 Google Quality Guidelines Audit
  • Mobilegeddon Compliance Strategies
All above mentioned task activities will be done by Certified in-house staff members


Google Quality Guidelines Centric

We use our know how to refine the traditional techniques to reach required levels that are needed to gain the ability to scale the market. Because page ranking matters, our pages are designed to attract your target audience and turn them into loyal customers. We are the in SEO field because we have mastered the concept of SEO. Keywords are the basis of all SEO strategies, processes, and technologies. You can be confident that we will do whatever it takes to find the perfect keywords to match your business so that we can optimize your brand’s visibility. We will follow all of the latest Google Quality Guidelines to ensure that all the search engines can easily crawl, find, and index your website. By choosing Extreme-SEO you are choosing to put the integrity of your website in perfect hands.

Well Blended Social Media Signal

The use of the social media platform is the most essential to promoting your company in today’s market. Trying to measure your business ROI can be a hard and social media is here to stay. Social Media has manipulated the way that consumers interact with businesses. Fostering the way people communicate with each other as a catalyst can be in the best interest for you online empire. SEO that is blended with other SEO elements bring the strongest results. Many companies are spending millions in an attempt to increase their SEO. This is a strategy that seems to fail. We will offer you all the specifics of promotion, distribution, content, virality and sharing. Having a SEO that is blended with all the viens of Social Media Channels, Google and other Search Engines like Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Extreme-SEO strives to fabricate that ‘content’ on social pages.

Semantic Website Architecture

Your visitors will experience the complete package of experience, perception and satisfaction, which not only makes your business attractive to customers, but also makes them want to interact with your website. In the mind of your potential customers, your online ranking is nothing but an icon of trust and confidence, and a way to relate to your business. We make well-balanced semantic site architecture to delight your visitors with a superior experience. We make every site with perfect site architecture to improve the ‘searchablity’ for your users. We are moving with the new era of social SEO by putting in more attention to enhance the social search engines and enabling them to be plugged into all your valuable resources. We understand that simply implementing backlink strategies and keyword campaigns will not bring fame to your website in Google SERP.

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